The Recology Artist in Residence Program

The Art of Recology Exhibition at SFO

The Art of Recology - Exhibit at SFO
The Art of Recology opened March 16 in the United Terminal at the San Francisco International Airport. This exhibition celebrates the Recology San Francisco Artist in Residence Program and presents over one-hundred pieces made by forty-five artists. All of the works on display were made in the art studio at the San Francisco Solid Waste Transfer and Recycling Facility and constructed from materials the artists scavenged from the Public Disposal and Recycling Area (or what we affectionately refer to as "the dump").

Founded in 1990, the Recology San Francisco Artist in Residence Program promotes recycling and reuse, and encourages people to reflect on how their consumption practices affect the environment. Artworks in the exhibition were selected by airport curators and will be on display through October 27, 2013. The Art of Recology is located past security so can only be viewed by those traveling, but if you find yourself flying United soon, allow some extra time to view this very special exhibition.

Current Artists

Mini-Residency with Project Hope Art

Beginning in mid-August the Recology Artist in Residence Program will welcome three visiting artists from Haiti: Claudel Casseus, Romel Jean Pierre, and Racine Polycarpe.

Sponsored by Project Hope Art, this mini-residency will enable the artists to use our student artist studio (the shipping container behind our offices), and scavenge for materials to make their art.

The artists will work on-site for approximately one month and exhibit finished and in-process artwork at the Environmental Learning Center at 401 Tunnel Avenue during our September exhibition.

The artists belong to Atis-Rezistans, an artist collective in Port-au-Prince whose members use recycled materials to create assemblage art.

Previous Artists

Upcoming Residencies

February 2013 - January 2014

About the Recology Artist in Residence Program

The Artist in Residence Program at Recology San Francisco is a unique art and education program that provides Bay Area artists with access to discarded materials, a stipend, and a large studio space at the Recology Solid Waste Transfer and Recycling Center. By supporting artists who work with recycled materials, Recology hopes to encourage people to conserve natural resources and promote new ways of thinking about art and the environment.

Since 1990, over ninety-five professional artists and twenty student artists have completed residencies at this one-of-a-kind program and have made art from discarded materials. The studio is located at the San Francisco Solid Waste Transfer and Recycling Center (Recology San Francisco), a 47-acre facility that includes the garbage transfer station (where garbage goes before being sent to landfill), the Household Hazardous Waste Facility, the Organics Annex, the Public Disposal and Recycling Area ("The Dump"), and other recycling areas. The facility, which is located west of Highway 101 near Candlestick Park, also is home to a three-acre sculpture garden containing work by former artists-in-residence.

During their residencies, artists have scavenging privileges and 24-hour access to the company's well-equipped art studio. Artists speak to elementary school classes and adult tour groups about the experience of working with recycled materials. At the conclusion of their residency, Recology hosts a two-day public exhibition and reception for the artists featuring the artwork made during their residency. When the residency ends, artists contribute artwork to the program's permanent collection and these pieces continue to be shown in off-site exhibitions that promote recycling and reuse.

For additional information:

  • Deborah Munk: (415) 330-1415
  • Micah Gibson: (415) 330-1414
  • Sharon Spain: (415) 330-0747
  • Tour Information

Program Goals

  • To encourage the reuse of materials
  • To support Bay Area artists by providing access to the wealth of materials available at the public dump
  • To prompt children and adults to think about their own consumption practices
  • To teach the public how to recycle and compost in San Francisco through classroom lessons that explain the city's three-bin (recycling, composting, garbage) system

Recology Provides

  • 24-hour access to the facility
  • A large, well-equipped art studio
  • An exhibition and reception at the end of the residency (including printed invitations, refreshments, installation assistance, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous supplies and equipment
  • A monthly stipend
  • The presentation of artists' work in off-site exhibitions

Expectations of the Artist

  • Work in the studio either 40 hours per week for a full-time residency or 20 hours per week for a half-time residency
  • Greet and speak to tour groups during weekdays and on the third Saturday of the month
  • Make three pieces of art for the company's permanent art collection
  • Use materials recovered from San Francisco's waste stream
  • Be available to talk with the media
  • Leave all art created during the residency with the company for the next twelve months for exhibitions at off-site venues